Best of 2021 Episode Notes

With Guests: Amy Smith, Richard Haig, and Devin Smith

Our Favorites:

Classic eli:

Classic archspire:

jazz? In my PC?

You better believe it buster!!

Must see the live vids!

Fretless bass!

December 2020 - close enough!

December 2020 - close enough!

October 2020 close enough?

October 2020 close enough??

October 2020 close enough?

[Devin] Flock of Dimes - Head of Roses

[Amy] Jihye Lee Orchestra - Daring Mind

[Amy] The Marfa Tapes

[Amy] Serpent with Feet - Deacon

[Amy] Katie Kerby - Cool Dry Place

[Amy] Cassandra Jenkins - Overview on Phenomenal Nature

[Amy] Balajé Siseko - Drourou

[Amy] Lara Mvulu - Pink Noise

[Amy] Brandi Carlisle - In these silent days

[Devin] Beach Bunny - Honeymoon (2020 close enough!)

[Devin] Zenit - Straight Ahead. (Released 1986, remastered & put on streaming 2019.)

Devin Radio Stations & Programs

The vast majority of music-listening I’ve done this year is radio format. The following items are top-notch:
Radio garden generally
Générations Funk in Lyonm, France
Dynamo Discotheque in Istanbul, Turkey
Sounds of the Dawn, generally…
But this episode IN PARTICULAR, from 2021-02-27, which is focused around DX7 and similar digital/FM synth ambient. Wall-to-wall bangers.

Richard’s Notes

Richard’s favorite bandcamp purchases
Winner of the year